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Acquiring and Developing Opportunities
in New Frontiers and Economies
to Create Outstanding Returns
For Our Shareholders.

Our Guiding Philosophy

New Frontiers and Economies

New frontiers can be defined as developing countries or new technology or opportunities carved out of existing sectors in mature markets. In each case they are all in some respect at the forefront of growth.

Our guiding philosophy is fortune favours the brave and it takes tenacity, perseverance and a will to win to achieve great things.

We bring experience and a sound understanding of business to create attractive risk managed returns from our exciting opportunities.

We live in new economies in the second industrial revolution as technology drives innovation at a speed we’ve never seen before.

Whilst we live in and seek out these new frontiers and new economies we believe that business fundamentals haven’t changed. Strong leadership and foresight in management along with sound financial performance by way of healthy cash generation and profitability are still the core foundations of a successful company.

Our Expertise

We understand what it takes to be profitable in this new digital world.

We bring our combined knowledge together in seeking out exceptional opportunities that may have been overlooked or undiscovered before. We look for strong growth wherever it is in the world and in whatever sector. But most of all we invite you to come along with us on this journey.

More About Us

Investment Opportunities

Our Board pre-screen potential investment opportunities using our acquisition guidelines and in every case we are aiming for them to substantially increase the value attributable to Flagship shares.

At Flagship our aim has always been to build and retain healthy cash balances to fund future growth and provide a day to day running that allows the opportunity of future dividends. Ensuring our acquired opportunities are positive to our balance sheet and through attention to our cashflow we intend to build a highly successful business that is profitable and here for the long term.

Over the coming months our plans are to be making a series of acquisitions with a view for them to enable solid growth to flagship whilst allowing us an uplift onto the OTC Markets QB with our future goal to uplift onto the NYSE main board.

Flagship has the main objective to develop into a substantial conglomerate that will qualify us for listing on the largest stock exchange market in the world, the New York Stock Exchange. This objective is aimed to be achieved through a series of increasingly large acquisitions.

Latest News & Announcements

Our Sectors

Energy is the lifeblood of business, industry and our communities. We more than ever rely on access to safe, affordable and secure energy to drive the machines that build the products, that are carried by the transport that carries them to our shops and homes which are all powered and lit by energy.