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About Us

The company was first incorporated in the State of Nevada, United States of America on October 17, 2007 under the name of Nevada Legacy Enterprises Corporation.

The Company then changed its name to NL One Corporation in February 2010. Formerly NL One Corporation, a development stage company focused on developing and marketing electronic, fibre optic and information technologies.

The Company owned the rights to two patent pending technologies for healthcare monitoring devices. The company also focused originally on developing proprietary healthcare information technology conduit.

The Company proposed originally to serve home healthcare organisations, including hospitals, out-patient facilities and home healthcare providers.  In April 2016 the Company was acquired by new investors and a management team which changed its name to Flagship Global Corporation (FGCN).

In April 2018 the Company recently was acquired by new investors and a new management team who have located exciting opportunities and have options on acquisitions along with beginning the process of getting Flagship uplifted onto OTC Markets QB.

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